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Pearls Behind Veils (Final Part of Retreat Lectures)

“Pearls Behind Veils” By Shaykh Irfan Kabiruddin

In this lecture, the Shaykh detailed the concept of a woman’s hijab (hijab is the outer veil of a woman but also has a more complex and versatile meaning). He started by telling us to be careful where we get our knowledge from. Knowledge of the deen is precious and you can’t afford to be confused on any subject. Although the issue of hijab is very clear, many Muslims are confused on the subject. At the very least, every knows what happens to a society when no one practices hijab.

The verses for hijab were revealed slowly, it was first revealed that men and women should interact through a curtain in Surah Ahzab. Then the deeper rulings came in Surah Nuur.

A woman’s awrah (private areas) includes her entire body except the face and hands. These are the parts that should be covered all the time even in the home. In public women should cover everything except that which appears naturally (like what becomes apparent when she is doing some work or walking). The face should also be covered in public, no one can deny the face is what holds the beauty. They should go out in a manner that does not attract, in a manner of hayaa (modesty). It is an obligation of both men and women to guard their gaze.

My Thoughts: I apologize for these incomplete notes, I think I was getting tired by then. I once heard of tight clothing being compared to latex gloves, although they cover everything, they also leave nothing to the imagination. Subhan’Allah there is so much wisdom behind the hijab, for the individual and society in general. Maybe I’ll write a list of the benefits insha’Allah (by the will of Allah).

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