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Quotes on Hayaa (Modesty)

Quotes from the Retreat:

  • Abdullah bin Umar (ra) narrates that the Prophet ﷺ said: “Modesty and Imaan are intertwined with each other. If one leaves, the other leaves by itself” (Haakim)
  • “Hayaa only produces goodness”
  • “From the words of the previous Prophets that people still find are: If you feel no shame, then do as you wish”
  • Umar bin Khattaab (ra) said: “Whosoever loses Hayaa loses Taqwa (Essentially fearing God, more complexly it means to struggle to avoid sin), whosoever loses Taqwa, his heart dies”
  • Salman Al-Farsi (ra) said: “When Allah intends the destruction of a slave, he strips him of Hayaa”
  • Ali bin Abi Talib (ra) said: “The one who clothes himself with Hayaa, the people will not see his faults”
  • “Hayaa is part of Imaan and Imaan is Paradise. Lewdness is part of hardness of the heart and hardness of the heart is in the Fire”
  • “Lewdness does not appear in anything except that it blemishes it. And Hayaa does not appear in anything except that it beautifies it”
  • Abdullah bin Masood (ra) said: Imaan is bare, its adornment is Taqwa, and its garment is Hayaa”

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