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Detriment to the Eyes

I don’t know where I heard this story but its worth hearing (/reading). There were two teenage type boys and they wanted to go see a movie. They went to their father to seek permission and the father inquired about the movie, the boys said that the movie was just a regular movie, it may have one or two inappropriate scenes but it will be over quick and they will just look away. So the father replied no. The boys actually kept asking until one time the father didn’t give a response. The boys figured that this was a good sign since he said no before. The boys went to their room and soon the father bought brownies for them, they smelled good and they looked good. The boys were surprised and started to take some, then the father said, “Before you eat these brownies, know that I added a miniscule amount of feces to them.” The boys were shocked and asked why. The father replied,”These brownies are much like your movie, even a small amount of impurity in them will ruin everything.”

Subhan’Allah just like these brownies would be a detriment to the taste buds, so too are movies/tv a detriment to the eyes. There are practically no movies/tv shows that are appropriate to watch for the respectable Muslim. And even if there is such a program, how then can we rationalize staring at the opposite gender for hours?

Even if you cancel your cable service, the internet is really the main issue these days. It poses a constant temptation as everything is free and easily accessible. I’ve heard Shaykh Husain tell us to seriously watch our internet usage in multiple lectures, and he did it very sternly. His reasons definitely included watching things, but also because we tend to waste great amounts of time on it. He recommended very minimal usage or leaving it altogether.

I’ve learned that breaking a habit is a lot harder than starting one. So instead of trying to break a habit of watching television, it’s best to implement different habits in place of it. Try knitting? No seriously. It’s so hard that attempting it will likely send you into a deep depression that will kill your desire to watch anything.

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