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Acting Upon the Future

Listen Here: “Acting Upon the Future” by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar

One of the best parts of Shaykh Husain’s talks is his detailed and relevant metaphors, I don’t know how to describe them except to say that they’re profound. They tend to highlight the idea that if we had the same concern and dedication for our afterlife as we do this life, then we would be truly on the path to success. These metaphors are important because we don’t always realize the ways in which we give preference to our transient worldly existence as opposed to our eternal hereafter, and it’s only when Shaykh Husain spells it out for me that I even notice.

In “Acting Upon the Future,” Shaykh Husain discusses how everyone has expectations for the future and they invest time and money to make their expectations a reality when they have no guarantee for any return. This idea is often satirized in movies and books when a character finds out what will happen tomorrow. Once they have a guarantee and know for sure what will happen, they don’t go to work, they go to the lottery or invest in stocks, and they stay away from anything bad that was going to happen. They completely alter today’s behavior because they’re certain about tomorrow.

Let’s apply this principle to something greater: “You want to read tomorrow’s paper? I’ll tell you tomorrow’s paper, it says there’s a Jannah and Jahannum and we’re all going to our graves”

The Muslim has no doubt about tomorrow’s reality, Allah  سبحانه و تعالى is true and there will be consequences for our behavior. This place is a deception, we came with nothing and we’ll go back with nothing except our deeds. We know our endgame. Just as a person would change their behavior knowing tomorrow, we too as Muslims, have to act accordingly.

This doesn’t mean we abandon this life. Rasullalah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم was sent to give warnings of hell and glad tidings of paradise, and he outlined the exact deeds that take a person into either abode.

  • We have to make our decisions according to Islam
  • The reality of tomorrow should change how we spend our time and wealth, how we keep our relationships, and what our dreams and aspirations are.
  • Just as we prepare our children for this life, we prepare them for the aakhirah
  • Just as we invest for the comforts of this life, we have to invest for the comfort of our families in the next.

With everything else in life, we prepare and prepare, but with the ultimate truth, we assume it will all work out fine.

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