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Creating a Natural Dislike for Sin

Bismillah Calligraphy pic image 10Shaykh Husain talks about muscle memory in the following lecture. He talks about how certain sins are naturally displeasing to us and how to create that inclination for all sins. Recognizing that every sin is an impediment in our path towards our Creator is the first step in overcoming our struggle with any sin.

Listen Here: Creating a Natural Dislike for Sin” by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar

When we consider sin in Islam, we don’t consider if the sin is big or small; any transgression, big or small, is ultimately a transgression against Allah. We are not just trying to pass this test of life, we’re trying to get an A. Within the spectrum of transgressions against Allah, there are certain transgressions that we feel naturally inclined to avoid. For example, few Muslims struggle with pork. Avoiding pork is something that is easy for nearly all Muslims from all kinds of backgrounds. Allah has made it easy for us to avoid this transgression because it provides a good example. It establishes a goal. Every transgression should actually be this easy to avoid. The way we naturally avoid certain transgressions is the way we should be able to avoid them all. We should pray, “Allah, please make all sins as disgusting to me as much as this one sin disgusts me.”

It would be easier for us to avoid committing a sin if we start to naturally dislike the sin or at least some aspect of it. For example, Allah tells us numerous times in the Quran that the shaytaan is an open enemy; if we inculcate that message, it would become easier to us to avoid the things that shaytaan whispers us towards. Another way to create distance from sinful activity is to recognize that every sin is a step against Allah and that we dislike displeasing Him. The most important thing is our relationship with Allah, and sin just takes us away from Him.

The shariah has placed minimal responsibilities on us (limited prayer, one month of fasting, charity on excess wealth, and a hajj once in our entire lives), but along with our belief in Allah, these minimal things work together to develop closeness with Allah and entrance into eternal paradise. These are not the things we struggle with as Muslims, the issue is avoiding sin. We don’t protect our gaze, we misuse our tongues, we misuse our hands; these seemingly small transgressions are enough to destroy our progress. May Allah سبحانه و تعالى make every sin naturally disgusting to us.

To read more about avoiding sin, please read notes on the lecture Plugging the drain.”

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